Sunday, May 29, 2011

The top six women bodybuilders over 55 kg

The top six women bodybuilders over 55 kg (from L to R): Andrea DECKER (6th place); Alevtina GOROSHINSKAYA (4th place); Larissa CUNHA (2nd place); Elena SHPORTUN (1st place); Simone LINAY (3rd place) and Alina CEPURNIENE (5th place).

The 2007 IFBB world women’s bodybuilding over 55 kg champion Elena SHPORTUN (Russia).
The 2007 IFBB world women’s bodybuilding overall champion Elena SHPORTUN (Russia) congratulated by the IFBB President Dr. Rafael SANTONJA (right) and the IFBB Vice-President for Asia Datuk Paul CHUA (left).

The top six women body fitness up to 158 cm competitors (from L to R): Marisa LOPEZ (6th place); Martina TARKOVA (4th place); Anna RASPUTNYAK (1st place); Natalia REVAJOVA - LENARTOVA (2nd place); Yolanda ESTESO (3rd place) and Agnese RUSSO (5th place).

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