Thursday, January 6, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger - First Position In The Bodybuilding World

Bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger - First Position In The Bodybuilding World history.

The Greatest Ever. I need not explain why Arnold is the greatest bodybuilder of all time. Without him the sport would still be something that only gym rats would know about. When you think bodybuilding, he is front and center standing in front of everyone. Arnold IS bodybuilding and bodybuilding IS Arnold. Arnold's exploits have been celebrated on this site before for obvious reasons. He is the greatest man alive and that is not hyperbole. No one has accomplished more and been more masculine in doing so.
Arnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilder
He won the Mr. Olympia contest seven times and would have won it 12 or 13 times had he competed in the late 1970s. Turns out he was too busy making himself into America's most successful and powerful immigrant. He used bodybuilding as a launching pad for the most impressive life in modern American history.
Arnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilder
The superlatives to describe Arnold could shut down my servers. Arnold, for intents and purposes, invented the modern sport of bodybuilding. Before Arnold, the sport existed in the eyes of gym rats and homosexual muscle worshippers. By 1980, the year of his last competition, everyone knew what bodybuilding was. Arnold literally changed the landscape of the American way of life.
Arnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilder

 Prior to Arnold very few people lifted weights. It was seen as a fringe activity. Now... 75 year old women rehabbing from injuries use resistance training and Arnold was the driving force behind this paradigm shift in our society.
Arnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilderArnold bodybuilder

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