Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder- 3rd Position in The Bodybuilding world

Great Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder- 3rd Position in The Bodybuilding world

If you know anything about bodybuilding you know who Ronnie Coleman is. He is quite simply the scariest looking human being to ever live. Standing 5'11 (reportedly, I have heard first hand accounts of him being no more than 5'9) and weighing 280-300 pounds on stage, he was simply a wonder to behold. Ronnie won eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles (1998-2005) thoroughly dominating the sport during his reign. While most bodybuilders of years past had certain body parts that were spectacular, they usually had average development in other areas... Coleman was the first (and only) to be massive and exhibit borderline obscene development everywhere.
Great Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman BodybuilderGreat Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilder
Most great champions end up losing to someone who is simply bigger and badder than them. That did not happen to Ronnie. He is still the biggest bodybuilder to ever grace the stage. Yes, there have been men who weighed slightly more (they were taller) but no human has ever been muscularly larger than Ronnie Coleman. That alone is enough to anoint him near the top of this list. Fact is, that given my understanding of the human body, I am not sure that anyone can eclipse Coleman on sheer muscularity. Just take a look at the guy... it is literally unbelievable that he is human.

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