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best female bodybuilders pose with bodybuilding tips

Best female bodybuilders pose with bodybuilding tips and little something about bodybuilder
Bodybuilding Competitions:
2004 4th Lt. Hvy Wt. USA (Las Vegas, Nv)
2004 1st & Overall/Hvy Wt. California State (Culver City, Ca)
2004 2nd Hvy Wt. Contra Costa (Hayward, Ca)
2004 1st & Overall Hvy Wt. Max Muscle Fresno (Fresno, Ca)

2000 2nd Mid. Wt. The Flex Wheeler Classic (Fresno, CA.)
2000 2nd Mid. Wt. California State (Redondo Beach, CA)
2000 2nd Mid. Wt. Contra Costa (Hayward, CA)
1996 4th Mid. Wt. Emerald Cup Championships (Seattle, WA)
1996 1st Mid. Wt. Rocky Mountain States (Spokane, WA)

At FigureRX we are advocates of achieving physique excellence, and one of the things that we have found is that some of the most talented and genetically gifted female

athletes find themselves somewhere between competing in figure and bodybuilding. Florida’s Shona Pryce has a stunning physique, with perfectly capped shoulders and some of the best legs that we have seen on either the bodybuilding or figure stage.
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