Sunday, May 22, 2011

female Natalia NAZARENKO Estonia IFBB WOMEN's bodybuilding Comp.

female Natalia NAZARENKO Estonia IFBB WOMEN's bodybuilding Comp.
Full name: Natalia CHUKAEVA
Category: Women’s fitness over 163 cm
Country: Russia
Born: 1981
Contest bodyweight: 56 kg
Body height: 167 cm
Current residence: Astrakhan, Russia
Education/job: graduated teacher
Gym (studio, club): Ellada
City: Astrakhan
Trainers: Oleg Panov, Kamil Ilyasov
Personal website: no

- 2009 European Women’s Championships – 2nd place (fitness +163 cm class)
- 2009 National Championships – 1st place (fitness +163 cm class)
- 2008 World Fitness Cup – 1st place

She did something unbelievable at the recent European Championships: following her 6th place in the first round, she won the 2nd round and was tied 10:10 with the winner Alewtyna Titarenko in the 3rd round, moving up to the 2nd place in total!.
She lives in Astarkhan, where she works as a trainer in the sports school.

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