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World famous Drexel Long bodybuilding with great muscles Illinois

World famous Drexel Long bodybuilding with great muscles Illinois
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Name: Drexel Long
Birth date: 9-23
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence: Houston, TX
Height: 5'7'
Contest Weight: 135-140
Offseason Weight: 150
First Bodybuilding Contest: Aug 2004 NPC Central Tx Cup
Best Contest Placing(s):
Winning NGA Pro card Apr 2006
Winning NGA Pro debut July 2007
Becoming FAME's World Pro Bodybuilding Champ June 2008

Role Models in Bodybuilding/Fitness:

Jenetta Thompson

Bodybuilders/Fitness Competitors who physiques you most admire:

Jenetta Thompson; Beni Lopez; Lisa Bickel; Tracy Bodner; Tina Chandler; Mah-Ann Mendoza

Drexel Long, from NJ now living in Houston, TX. Former track star- trained under the same track coach who trained Carl Lewis. Only been in bodybuilding for 3 yrs. I work as a middle school PE teacher/ coach for volleyball, basketball and track.

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