Friday, April 1, 2011

Great world Female Chrissy Zmijewski bodybuilders insipriation images-Ohio

Great world Female Chrissy Zmijewski bodybuilders insipriation images-Ohio

A quick workout lesson is only a click away, thanks to the thoughtful, innovative and spirited efforts of the brilliantly accomplished WNBF figure and bodybuilding pro Chrissy Zmijewski.
Name Chrissy Zmijewski

Birth date May 26, 1978

Birthplace Madison, WI

Current Residence Sacramento, CA

Height 5'9

Contest Weight 132

Offseason Weight 137

First Bodybuilding Contest NPC Continental USA

Best Contest Placing(s)
OCB Indiana Natural (1st)
NBF Washington Natural (1st and pro card)
INBF World Bodybuilding Championship (1st and pro card)
NPC Continental USA (2nd)
WNBF Pro International (3rd)
WNBF Pro Ms. Exercise (3rd)

Trapped Up: Chrissy tries one of the blogger's favorite poses during her shoot. Very nice!
The articulate, ubiquitous star of her own website and popular fitness blog — Goddess Athlete and Goddess Athlete’s BodyBlog — Chrissy is fast establishing herself as an important voice in health and fitness on various sites across the web.

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