Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Shoulder Workout Routine For Good Bodybuilding Result

Best Shoulder Workout Routine For Good Bodybuilding Result
he best shoulder workout routine will hit all parts of the shoulder as a whole as well as individually. Shoulder exercises are done with very light weights in many areas
shoulder workout
Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain when doing shoulder exercises you might be doing too much or going out of the suggested range of motion. Lets take shoulder presses and analyze the form you should be using. When you lower the weights, your elbows should not drop below your shoulders. Most people let the dumbbells go all the way down to almost touch the shoulders and the elbows go way down below the shoulder level.

Individual Deltoid Workout

Deltoid exercises for the front, rear and medial delts will require using very light weight. Lateral raises will work the side deltiods. Stand with weights at your side and lift them up until your arms are parallel to the ground. A good front deltoid workout is to hold the weights and lift them in front of you. The best rear delt workout is done by bending at the waist so that your body is parallel to the ground, from this position lift the weights out until your arms are parallel to the ground.

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