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UK And USA female Bodybuilders images and photos With TIps

UK And USA female Bodybuilders images and photos With Tips
Thinking of training as a female bodybuilder? Well if it something you have been thinking about you need to know what you're letting yourself in for, so lets take a look at the female bodybuilding workout.

Even if you have been a regular at your gym or fitness club it really does not compare at all to what you will have to expect if you want to build serious muscle because the routine of the female bodybuilding workout is so much more stressful involving consistency, determination and sheer hard graft.

That's not to say it is not achievable and a good female bodybuilding workout will involve a lot of exercises you can develop yourself and to your own liking, but there are a few general things that you will want to make sure you include to make the most of your female bodybuilding workout routine.

Always a natural competitor, Liza has a 20 year history in the sport of competitive bodybuilding culminating in her overall win at last year's Musclemania World show in Anaheim.
Liza is in her 40's, and is a single mom with a six year old boy...Conan. (Yes, he WAS named after the "Governator"!) She practices medicine as a physician assistant for a practice devoted to controlling pain in a variety of unfortunate a variety of ways, both procedural and medical.

I train each body part once a week in this order:
Monday: Chest - 16-20 sets/30 minute cardio
Tuesday: Shoulders - 12-16 sets/30 minute cardio
Wednesday: Legs - 25-30 sets/no cardio
Thursday: Cardio (boxing or kickboxing - 1 hour)
Friday :Back - 16-20 sets/ 30 minute cardio
Sat./Sunday: Arms - 12 sets each/30 minute cardio

liza larence

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